Hard work is necessary to be successful.

Hard work is a great deal of effort or tolerance. "Hard work is a key to success" is a statement that has been said to everyone over and over again. Success is all about setting our targets and achieving them. Successful people are always admired in the society. They eventually get the name and fame through their work. Some people get success while others don't. Many people still struggle to achieve their targets while others give up. Nothing in this world can be achieved without hard work.
Some goals include to learn how to play perfectly an instrument, doing best and getting good marks in class, learning to cook, losing weight etc.

Development of career for an individual demands a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. Hard work is  doing physical efforts. It is a result of correlation between correct timing and doing work properly. Even the great personalities achieved their targets by doing hard work. Our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru worked for seventeen hours in a day, Edison worked for twenty one hours a day , Mahatma Gandhi did all the hard work just to achieve his goal to be independent from the British rule. Life is full of challenges which we have to face in each and every day and learn how to tackle them. Hard work is core to success in every field like in education, jobs, technological
advancements, etc.

If you want to be successful you have to start early than the others and stay up late when everyone else are busy in enjoying their days. Hard work alone can't be always prove to successful, it also requires smart work. There is difference between hard work and smart work. Hard work comprise of more physical effort with less planing while smart work includes more planing with less efforts.

Smart work have some elements which are:
1) Definite goal
2) Innovation and understanding
3) Time management
4) Thinking before taking any action
5) Strong will power
6) Self dependent
7) Ability to manage things

Life is tough, not all the people are able to face their tough times and overcome their defeat, that's why only few successful people are there. One can be successful if their goal includes planning, right timing and research. Just be confident, overcome your fears, be self dependent, give your best and you can be the successful person.


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